30 January 2011

OTST 2011

Tydex will be at OTST2011...
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10 January 2011

Optoelectronics and Photonics School

Tydex is an official sponsor of ...
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01 June 2010


Symposium THz-Nsk-2010...
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15 April 2010


Tydex will take part in OPTATEC...
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23 February 2010

Awarding Tydex Medal

In February the awarding ceremony...
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10 January 2010

Pittcon 2010

Tydex will be at Pittcon 2010...
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27 July 2009

Anniversary Celebration

The last weekend of July a company celebration...
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15 July 2009

TYDEX is 15 years old!

On 15th of July  TYDEX is 15 years old!
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29 May 2009

Our guests

On May 12, 2009 graduate students of Ecole
Polytechnique at Montreal University visited us ...
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THz Fresnel Lenses
TYDEX has developed THz Fresnel Lenses to fulfill the need for diffraction optics operating in THz range