Terms and Conditions of Sale


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Purchase orders: Purchase orders are accepted by e-mail, fax, and regular or express mail. Please take into account that delivery to Russia by regular mail may take 2-3 weeks so for fast handling of your order it is recommended to duplicate it by e-mail or fax.

Quotation terms: Quotes are valid for 60 days period unless quoted otherwise. Prices are FCA Saint‑Petersburg, Russia unless quoted otherwise so do not include freight, insurance charges as well as all expenses on the territory of buyer's country.

Minimal purchase order amount: USD 300 (or its equivalent in EUR or GBP) for new customers. This limitation doesn't apply to regular customers as well as to orders for trial products anticipating subsequent purchases.

Shipping terms: Our default method of shipping is UPS express-mail, freight collect. Shipments are executed using customer's UPS international account which should be stated at PO sheet. Otherwise or if it is not specially agreed shipping and insurance charges will be prepaid and added to an invoice.

Payment terms: Usualpayment terms are NET 30 days after delivery. Down payment could be necessary in case of volume order. Remittance must be done precisely to the bank stated in the invoice and in the currency of the invoice using accompanying information inside.

Payment method: Method of payment is wire transfer to the bank pointed in the invoice. Payment must include all associated costs such as commissions of the buyer's and correspondent's banks. Payments by cheque as well as credit card are not accepted due to Russian Central Bank legislation. Cheques sent by occasion will be sent back.

Warranties: Optical components from Tydex, LLC are guaranteed to meet the specification and to be free from the defects in material and workmanship for 60 days after delivery. For instruments the warranty is valid for one year.

Return policy: If customer believes that the product does not meet purchase order' specification, it may be returned within 60 days after delivery. Prior to return of the product customer must obtain a return authorization number (RAN). Do not ship goods not having authorization otherwise Tydex, LLC reserves the right to reject shipped parts without any obligations further.

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Terms&Conditions of Sale

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