Optical Coatings

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The Fresnel reflection at the boundary of media with different refractive indices and interference in thin films allow the optical components reflecting and transmitting properties to be selectively and controllably changed. The reflection from the surface of the optical part in the selected spectral range can be escalated or suppressed by applying special optical coatings. Additionally, the applied films can modify the physical properties of the optical component surface, for example, to increase its resistance to moisture and/or dust.

Tydex makes a wide range of optical coatings for our components from all processed materials. The spectrum is from near UV to far IR and millimeter range. The electron beam and resistive evaporation with ionic surface cleaning of parts and ion assisting are used at Balzers BAK-760 (Liechtenstein), VU-1AI and VU-2MI (Belarus) installations for depositing the optical coatings.

Our coatings are not limited to a standard set of designs. On the contrary, we try our best to satisfy the customer's requirements. Please contact us and we will do our best to solve your problem as fully as possible.


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