THz Band Pass Filters

Download THz Band Pass Filters Datasheet (PDF, 235 KB)

THz Band Pass Filters are meant to transmit the radiation in the wavelength range from 20 to 3000 μm. The filters are fabricated from thin metal foil with holes. Configuration of the holes depends on the required wavelength.


The filters settle the problems of quasioptical filtration of radiation in THz range. They also permit to get high degree of monochromatization while the aperture ration of device is also high.

The Band Pass Filters are highly recommended to use when it is important to have high spectral resolution with high aperture ratio as well as small overall dimensions and weight of the device.


  •  THz spectroscopy;
  •  THz testing devices;
  •  Astronomy, space based astronomy, and astrophysics;
  •  Materials research;
  •  Sensors and detectors;
  •  Electro-optic research.


  • Any pass band in the range from 0.1 to 15 THz (from 3000 to 20 μm);
  • High transmittance  (60-90%) in pass band;
  • Low transmittance  (<4%) in stop bands;
  • Available to be used in cryostats and electro-optic assemblies;
  • Damage threshold (in the range from 0.1 to 15 THz)  - 65-100 W/cm2;
  • Mounted in holders.

Part Number Designation  for Tydex Band Pass Filters:
BPF <frequency, THz>-<aperture, mm>

Transmission curves

THz Band Pass Filter

Fig. 1. Transmission of BPF0.1.

THz Band Pass Filter

Fig. 2. Transmission of BPF0.3.

THz Band Pass Filter

Fig. 3. Transmission of BPF0.5.

THz Band Pass Filter

Fig. 4. Transmission of BPF1.0.

THz Band Pass Filter

Fig. 5. Transmission of BPF3.0.

THz Band Pass Filter

Fig. 6. Transmission of BPF10.0.

THz Band Pass Filter

Fig. 7. Transmission of BPF15.0.

Sizes and Shapes 

Round filters with clear aperture/outer diameter 24/31, 35/44, and 47/60 mm and pass band 0.1, 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 3.0, 10.0 and 15.0 THz are available from stock.
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Alternate sizes and custom designs are available upon request.
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