THz Mirrors

Download THz Mirrors Datasheet (PDF, 208 KB)

We offer mirrors for applications where THz radiation has to be fully reflected.

THz mirrors

Commom specification:

Material of substrate BK7
Type plano-plano
Dimensions tolerance,mm +/-025
Clear apperture, % >=90
Surface quality of polished surfaces, scr/dig  40/20
Surface quality of ground surface, Ra 2.5
Surface accuracy, λ@633nm 1/2
Coating protected gold
Thickness of gold layer, nm ~400

Typical reflection curve is shown below. Measurements were made up to 1000 μm. However operating wavelength range is much wider.

Reflection od THz mirror

 Fig. 1. Reflection od THz mirror.

The following THz mirrors are available from stock:

No. Diameter Thickness, mm
mm inches
1 25.4 1.0 6.35
2 38.1 1.5 6.35
3 50.8 2.0 6.35
4 76.2 3.0 6.35

Custom sizes are manufactured upon request.
The finished parts of different dimensions are available from stock and supplied within a week.
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