24 May 2023

TYDEX trademark registration in Japan

TYDEX trademark has been registered in Japan!

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12 May 2023

TYDEX trademark registration in Hong Kong

TYDEX trademark has been registered in Hong Kong!

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07 March 2023

Photonics 2023

Join us! Our booth is №FF094.

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07 March 2023

TERA 2023

Welcome to our booth!

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13 February 2023

TYDEX trademark registration in China

TYDEX trademark has been registered in China!

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01 June 2021

Golden Mercury Competition

TYDEX is the winner of the Golden Mercury Competition 

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29 March 2021

ISO Certification 2021

Tydex has confirmed the quality management system certificate GOST R ISO 9001-2015

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01 December 2020

GaAs Optics

Gallium Arsenide is used for our transmission and nonlinear optical components.
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20 September 2016

Distributor in USA

Tydex is looking for a distibutor in the USA.

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16 September 2016

Lock-in Amplifier SU-1

Tydex is proud to present a compact lock-in amplifier!
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THz Photoconductive Antennas
TYDEX presents THz Photoconductive Antennas, assemblies that form the basis of many terahertz imaging and spectroscopy systems