Optics Stock

We would like to offer you a list of optics available from stock.
If you are interested in any of these products please fill in the Request Form or Contact us by e-mail.

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Last updated January 12, 2019

You can find HRFZ-Si lenses, TPX lenses, Silicon lenses, Germanium lenses, ZnSe lenses, Sapphire lenses, CaF2 lenses, BaF2 lenses of different dimensions that are ready to be shipped.

These HRFZ-Si windows, TPX windows, HDPE windows, Crystal Quartz windows, Silicon windows, Germanium windows, ZnSe windows, Sapphire windows, CaF2 windows, BaF2 windows are available from stock.

We have in stock HDPE polarisers and BaF2 polarisers, Quartz glass mirrors and Silicon mirrors, HRFZ-Si prisms, Silicon prisms, Germanium prisms, ZnSe prisms and CaF2 prisms, and other optics.