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13 November 2018

Good afternoon Valery,

Today, I’ve received the optical mirror, what a beauty … Thank you!

Best regards,
Slawomir Porczyk
International Precision Products BV
The Netherlands


23 July 2018

Dear Ekaterina,

we recently used the axicons for transmission experiments in the 0.1 THz - 2 THz spectral range.
They demonstrate excellent performance - exactly what we expected from our ZEMAX simulations.

Thank you very much for this excellent product.

Andrei Sirenko,
Professor at the Department of Physics, Chair
New Jersey Institute of Technology


2 May 2018

Dear Mrs. Kostenko,

in the past I ordered an off-axis parabolic mirror from your company and  you helped me greatly...
Again, thank you very much for this. Your mirror has performed very nicely in our experiment so far and my colleagues and I are quite happy with it. 

Christian Werle,
University of Hamburg
Institute for Experimental Physics
Accelerator Physics Division
Hamburg, Germany


12 April 2018

Dear Valery!

We ordered two pieces of THz bandpass filters before from you and it works very well. We'd like to order another piece.

Xu Yang,
Research Associate
Iowa State University of Science and Technology
Ames, Iowa


20 November 2017

Vladimir, we installed the lens. We are, as always, happy with the result, thank you!

Alexander Karuzin
St. Petersburg, RUSSIA


18 September 2017

Hello Vladimir,

we are very satisfied with the quality of the windows.

Tal Roth,
Third Eye Systems ltd.


22 June 2017

Dear Alexander!

Our OAP mirrors are succesfully working for CIAO in Chile, and now we
are already working for next projects.

Javier Moreno-Ventas
Max-Planck-Institut für Astronomie Instrumentation
Heidelberg, Germany


16 September 2016

Hello, Valery!

Thank You very much, we are very pleased with the quality of the mirrors.

Yours faithfully, 
Ekaterina Migal
Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU)


16 September 2016

I want also to tell you that we are very happy with Tydex lenses and Golay cell we have from you. Sure in the close future (maybe days) I will order other lens (I am dealing this topic with your colleague Aleksandr.)

Prof. Dr. Enrique Garcia
University Carlos III of Madrid


31 August 2016


Yes, everything is fine. Your Quartz Windows are very good quality.

Yours faithfully,
Olga Kurbakova


3 May 2016


We are very happy with the Ge windows, thank you for working with us for this.

We are able to assemble our final product, could you please advise which side of the window has the DLC coating and which has the BBAR? I see on side of the window has a purple colour, while the other is more of a reflective silver.

Thank you,
Matthew Colleen
Mechanical Engineer


23 March 2016

Dear Marina,

Since we are very happy with the coating of the parabolic mirrors (and the mirrors themselves of course) we would like to know if you also offer coating plane mirror substrates.

Best regards,
Max Gilljohann
Fakultät für Physik der LMU München


07 December 2015

Hello, Ekaterina,

I prepared and installed the reducer in the telescope in the Tien Shan Astronomical Observatory (Kazakhstan). All works wonderful.  It flattens all colors in spectrum and gives a good resolution.
Thank you.

Best regards,
Maksim Kruglov
ТОО "AP-Group plus"



18 November 2015

Hello, Valery!

As the year passed I managed to use the instrument <the telescope with TYDEX mirrors> in different conditions and in different places. Once again I would like to thank you. I am 100% happy!

For the first time I could arrive at the place of the ISON <the International Scientific Optical Network> observatory near Kislovodsk (the Caucasus, Russia). For that sky the mirrors showed their potential. Enclosed Trifid Nebula. This is a result of 2-hour shooting by an ordinary, a little modified reflex camera Canon 600D. Without cooling, without narrow pass filters. You can see the things that can not be seen by any long-focus telescope. But here is only 800 mm. Binary fission is excellent!

Amateur Astronomer 


01 July 2015

Dear Alexander,
dear Marina, 

We are using the OAP since a few months now and are very happy with its performance - as happy as I was with earlier purchases as well. We would like to buy another two of the same OAPs. Could you please update the quotation? 

Sven Steinke
Postdoctoral Fellow, BELLA Center
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


24 March 2015

Dear Marina Kostenko,

As you know we are operating a number of Tydex manufactured OAP mirrors at our Ti:Sapphire high power laser and as the quality has always been excellent I would like to ask you if you could also provide focusing optics for our second laser project. 

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schramm
Director, Institute of Radiation Physics
Head, Laser Particle Acceleration Division
Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR)


28 January 2015

Hello Valery,

Could I please get a quote for the Golay Cell that we previously purchased from you (the one with the TPX window GC-1T). We are extremely happy with the Golay Cell we purchased from you and intend to upgrade our older Golay with another Tydex one.

David S Jessop
Semiconductor Physics Department
Cavendish Laboratory
United Kingdom


8 August 2014

Hi Alex,

Here is another article where we cited your OAP mirror and company. I am doing this because of the high-quality OAP you provided.

Best wishes 
Dr. Nasr A. M. Hafz
Distinguished Research Fellow
SJTU, Physics Department


8 August 2014

Hi Ekaterina,

We bought a silicon 1% attenuator from you in June and have been happy with it.
Now we're looking for something similar but with higher attenuation (around 0.1% transmission).
Does Tydex offer that?

Thank you,
Director of Instrument Production
Innovative laboratory services and instrument production 
Charlottesville, VA


14 April 2014

I must congratulate you on the quality of Golay cell that I used in Metu Physics; it is very reliable, yields strong signal, and it is student-robust.

Asc. Prof. Dr. Asaf B. Sahin
Electrical and Electronics Eng Dept
Yildirim Beyazit University


29 January 2014

I'd like to have a quote about POL-HDPE-CA20-OD25.4-T2.5 THz-Polarizer including shipping costs to Germany. The last 2 polarizers are of very good quality!

Thomas Maag
Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics


13 December 2013

Dear Ekaterina,

We are very happy with your Silicon lenses. We would need another set of 10 highly resistive silicon lenses. Can you send me a quote?

Christian Damm
Technical University Darmstadt


5 December 2012

Reviewer comment on paper of our employees:
Terahertz polarization conversion with quartz waveplate sets
A. K. Kaveev, G. I. Kropotov, E. V. Tsygankova, I. A. Tzibizov…
The paper will be published in the  Applied Optics journal.
Reviewer comment was sent by Topical Editor Hans-Peter Loock.

Achromatic polarization device for visible or IR is an old topic. However, terahertz with so broad wavelength range, attracts me.
Achromatic waveplates or converters for this band are much more difficult to realize. Everyone knows linearly polarized Thz wave can be generated simply by using wire grid polarizer on Thz-transparent substrate, but for circular, or even radial polarization, we must use Thz achromatic waveplate, which is badly lacking at present. The manuscript demonstrates the results of calculation and experimental test of Thz AWP.
I have to say it's a great paper!  The manuscript is of great importance to the Thz people and written clearly. My conclusion is: Accepted as it is.


25 May 2012

Dear Alexander,

today the two mirrors arrived here in excellent condition.
They were extremely well packaged and they look very good.
Thanks very much for the good work!!

Dr. Wolfgang Steinbrecht

Deutscher Wetterdienst - German Weather Service


25 April 2012

Hello Alexander,

Thank you very much for the very good mirror substrates arrived yesterday. I hope the next order about the bigger one can be placed soon.

Best regards,
Working group leader
Optical Spectrometry
Leibniz Institute for Analytical Sciences (ISAS) - e.V.


25 January 2012

Dear Vladimir,

We have received your parcel.
The quality of BaF2 windows is excellent for all characteristics (parallelism, roughness, dimensions accuracy and material).

Best regards,
Director of Laser Spectrum Detectors Manufacture


17 January 2012

Hello Valery,

Thank you very much for the data you sent me.
Really good THz BP filters! We have already 2 or 3 your filters.
They work very well.

Best Regards,
Victor Pogrebnyak, PhD
Adjunct Associate Professor
State University of New York
Buffalo, NY


19 October 2011

Dear Ekaterina,

We have been using the quartz windows and are very happy with them,
so I have just placed an order for 6 more.

Best regards,
Dr Richard Dudley
Principal Research Scientist
National Physical Laboratory


May 6, 2011

Dear Ekaterina,

Thank you for your detailed reply!
It is evident that you at Tydex combine very well the business with the science. <…>

With best regards to you and your colleagues at TYDEX,
H. D. Hristov
Assoc. Research Professor
UTFSM (Federico Santa María Technical University)


November 11, 2010

Hello, Vladimir!

The windows are perfect. The customers are satisfied.
Usually I give your contacts to let them know where to order.
I have already given your contact information to foreign partners as sometimes they find it difficult to make delivery of one or another optical product.
In the nearest future we are going to place several orders.

Looking forward to working with you!

Best regards,


November 10, 2010

Hello, Vladimir!

I am writing to thank you for the mirrors you have manufactured for us.
The mirrors totally answer the specification, the quality is very good.

Thanks a lot to you and your company.

Best regards,
Tatiana Razumikhina
Vaughan, Ontario


October 15, 2010

Let me tell you that we are very satisfied with the performance of your OAPs - we can reach focus values those are close to optimum...
The coatings are observed to be very stable too - over 3 years we are working with the first OAP in our 150 TW laser.

Dr. habil. Ulrich Schramm
FZ Dresden-Rossendorf (FZD), FWKT


September 20, 2010

Dear Vladimir,

I received the wedged windows on Friday 17th September, thank you.
They fit perfectly and seem to work well at eliminating many of our troublesome internal reflections…
Thank you also Elena for the excellent packaging and shipment details, this is much appreciated.

If I or any of my colleagues need custom sapphire windows in the future I will be sure to recommend TYDEX!

Thank you again,
Dr. Roger Buckingham
University of Southampton


September 6, 2010

Hi Vladimir,

I have now copied the drawing and laser spec to Alexander.
Thank you for your help. I wish all suppliers were as reliable as Tydex!

Best regards,
Peter Hall


November 16, 2009

Dear Vladimir,

Wow! That is very impressive!
Do you have a shipping number so that I can track them?

Very many thanks for your excellent support.

Warmest Regards,
Peter Hall


November 6, 2009

Dear Valery!

Thank you very much for your wonderful answers for my questions.
I admire you for your responsible attitude to my questions;
especially you made some experiments especially for me.
I would like to tell you that your clear answers made me understand the Golay cell and TPX.
As your forecast, I have some new questions (attached to this email) to trouble you to give me some advice.
Thank you and your colleagues again for your enthusiasm to my questions!

Best wishes for you all!

Yours sincerely
Lijie Gunn
Harbin Institute of Technology


October 19, 2009
(this is a message from the forum at www.astronomy.ru)

I was contacting the company.
I got quick responses to my questions
and what is more important all responses were expert and correct.
I appreciate the manner of communicating with potential client.
This company proved to be strong and responsible to the clients.

Nick name Ysdanko
Y.S. Danko
Tyumen State University Russia


July 23, 2009

Dear Valery,

Thanks for your prompt response. This was very helpful to me.

I tried the test you suggested and I could confirm that your detector is working as expected.
I am actually quite impressed how sensitive your opto-acoustic instrument is...

Now that I am convinced that the Golay detector works as specified
I'll have to focus on the THz generation device.
Thanks again.

Best regards,
Dr. Harald Guenther
Vice President
Photonic Products
Monmouth Junction, NJ


July 16, 2009

Dear Alexander,

Your web site is very good and your products are of high quality.
Sometimes we buy optics and components from St. Petersburg where we have friendly ties.
I made a request from your web site for off-axis parabolic mirrors of different focus distances and diameters…

Best regards,
Nikolay Sinyavsky
Semiconductor Physics Institute


April 13, 2009

Parabolic mirror is more expensive than spherical mirror, but it is also much better in collimation.
We would like to order one piece for the collimation on bench.
First, it will get rid of half wavefront error and give a better beam spot shape for every chord.
Second, it gives us a chance to compare the  difference between the parabolic and spherical mirrors.
This should be helpful for future upgrade to more chords.

Both price and delivery time from Tydex are better than the others I could find.

Best regards,
Peng Xu
Cambridge, MA


February 9, 2009

All other specs are fine; we have been working with our 250mm focal length parabola now for quite a while and are very happy with the performance and the stability of the coating.

Best regards,
Dr. Ulrich Schramm


May 17, 2008

Dear Alexander,

I was away from the lab for a while and just back on Monday.
I was able to review your offer and the price is not so attractive but
honestly I don't know if there is another company that is able to do
such parabola.
As I appreciate the good work you have done with the parabola you
provided us, among all the optics company I know I would prefer to work
with you.

Sylvain Fourmaux
Universite du Quebec


April 10, 2008

Hi Denis,

Thank you very much for manufacturing the silicon prisms for us.
They work really well, and our research is advancing quickly thanks to your
efforts in getting them to us so expeditiously!

Best regards,
Moyra K. Mc Manus


March 28, 2008

Hi Vladimir,

Yes, we received the parts and installed them (coating type 1) in
our system. They work quite well and we are happy to see that they match our requirements.
I appreciate your efforts for delivering the parts so fast. Thank you, Vladimir!

Best regards,
Iván Cámara Mayorga
Max Planck Institut für Radioastronomie



February 20, 2008

Dear Sir or Madam,

we plan to setup a high intensity laser physics experiment at the Institute for Optics and Quantum Electronics in Jena/Germany. It is almost similar to an experiment which was done last year at Max-Born-Institute in Berlin with two off-axis mirrors from you.

They recommend your firm and we want to buy two similar off-axis parabolic mirrors.

Thanks in advance.

Christian Roedel
Institute of Optics and Quantum Electronics


November 6, 2007

Notch filter was received last week.
I tested it - it's OK.
Thank you very much for your job.

Best regards,
Mikhail Kantor
Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences


April 14, 2007

We have been quite happy with the Si lenses Tydex has provided us in the past. We need to order some new ones similar to ordered previously.

Erich Grossman
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Boulder, CO


October 30, 2007

Thank you for your prompt reply.
Yes, we are very satisfied with the HRFZ-Si windows you already provided us.

Many thanks and many greetings,
Dr. Florian Formanek
Sony Corporation


October 16, 2006

We received the two mirrors on our PO last week.
They were expertly packed, and the report paperwork included was excellent.
I have inspected the mirrors and their coatings, and report that they are very good.
Overall, we have been very impressed with the workmanship, the correspondence, and the excellent service from Tydex.
Thank you and we look forward to working with you on other projects.

Gabe Bloxham
Australian National University


September 28, 2006

From other customers I have heard that you have fast delivery time
and good quality products which make you an attractive supplier.

Best regards,
Dr. Simona M. Cristescu
Radboud University Nijmegen
The Netherlands 


August 10, 2006

Dear Alex,

My visit to the production facility and my discussions with you and
Grigory were very useful. I have reported to LIGO that Tydex is a
valuable source for off-axis parabolic mirrors.

Michael R. Smith
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA


April 6, 2006

We have bought a mid-infrared polarizer from you last year and we
were quite satisfied.

Thank you and best regards,
Guilherme Temporao
University of Geneva


February 13, 2006

On Friday the notch-filter arrived and we are very happy with it, although it had a little smear in the gelatin. But this won't affect the great performance of the filter. Thank you very much. With the bigger aperture angle, we are now ready to collect more light, and that's the thing we wanted. And the mount fits perfectly. It's marvelous.

Best regards to Russia. It was a pleasure to work with professionals.

Peter Fischer


February 9, 2004

As we got our last order now and we are really satisfied with the quality of
ZnSe ATR-prisms, I would like to ask you for a new offer.
We are also interested in buying hemispherical ATR-prisms for the use in the
"seagull"-unit of Harrick.

Thank you in advance and the best wishes,

Dr. Britta Rossenbeck
MPI for Iron Research


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