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Valery Nikolaev Valery Nikolaev
Deputy General Manager

Tel: 7 - 812 - 3346701
Skype: valerynikolaev_t
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Valery is one of the oldest members of the Tydex staff, who has been working for the company since the beginning of 1996. During this time he has risen from commercial department sales engineer to general manager deputy. In the course of the company growing and changing directions for the development Valery takes part in market promotion of different products, forges relationship with optics suppliers and producers in Russia, manages new optical component producing. Various activities and duties have made him an expert with encyclopedic knowledge.

In 1996 he graduated Saint-Petersburg State Technical University with a degree in "Physics" "Physics of space" specialization. From 1994 to 1996 Valery worked for Ioffe Physical Technical Institute, where investigated and developed small-size mass-spectrometers and mass-spectrometer analyzer modules. As the result of his work was mobile mass-spectrometer for environmental situation on-line monitoring in the field.

At the present time Valery is in charge of the company instrument department, which main activity is producing and selling of Optoacoustic Detector - Golay Cell, Hardware-software Complex for Operating Golay CellTHz Scanning Fabry-Perot InterferometerTHz Impulse Radiation Electro-Optical Detector, RF Thermoacoustic Detector ТАD-1 as well as producing and selling of large-size optical elements such as astronomic mirrors and large-diameter lens optics. Besides that he deals with the matters of the company daily living.

Valery was born in 1971, married and has two daughters.

Vladimir KopchatovVladimir Kopchatov
Project Manager

Tel: 7 - 812 - 3346701
Skype: vladimirkopchatov
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Vladimir was born on 24th May, 1973 in Murmansk at the Kola Peninsula. He graduated from the Baltic State Technical University (St. Petersburg, Russia) with honours and received an M.Sc. in Engineering Mechanics in 1997. He specialized in optics, lasers physics and applied laser systems at university.

From 1995 he worked for the Centre of Nanoheterostructure Physics at the Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, where he investigated and improved performance of quantum-size semiconductor laser structures.

In 2000 Vladimir received a Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics from the State Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics (St. Petersburg, Russia).

He has had over 20 articles published in physics journals and conference papers.

Vladimir joined Tydex in 2000 as a sales engineer, and from 2004 to 2014 headed the commercial department. His main duties included monitoring and coordination of relations with customers, as well as all the commercial activities of the whole company, expanding the range of products and introducing advanced technologies for their production. His current position and activity are focused on the key clients of the company to maintain, strengthen and develop relationships.


Alexander Timofeevsky Alexander Timofeevsky
Optical Coating Department Manager

Tel: 7 - 812 - 3346701
Tel: 7 - 812 - 3348329
Mobile: 7 - 921 - 9590555
Skype: alexandertimofeevsky
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I was born in 1973 and have an MSc degree in Physics specializing in methods of mathematical physics.

I joined Tydex in 1997, following post-graduate study at the Faculty of Physics of St. Petersburg State University. The company was growing fast and we were active in almost all fields of optical business. That gave me the opportunity to experience the widest range of optical components and materials, from UV to THz, from just protective windows to precise laser active elements. Due to a shortage of specialist staff, each of us had to provide complete support to his projects, starting from discussion of technical details with the customer, through to buying raw materials and supervising the manufacturing process to final QC, customs clearance, billing and collecting payments. Thanks to this, I know the complete business process in Tydex ab ovo usque ad mala.

As the company evolved we began to run our own production workshop, QC department, logistics department and commercial unit. During this expansion, we dropped some activities to focus on the fields where we are strongest and most competitive. Sales engineers in the commercial unit share these fields such a way that the customer gets the feedback to his request from the most qualified person in the field of his interests.

At present I am senior sales engineer and "my" product is coatings. I am also responsible for supervising the development of new challenging technical issues in the company. For example, I headed the establishment of the thin film department  and spectroscopy measurements department, the modernization of our interferometers and participated in elaborating the Golay cell calibration procedures. I am also supervising the evolution and support of our corporate network.

During my work at Tydex I have represented the company at over a dozen Russian and international conferences and trade fairs. My English is fluent.

In my spare time I enjoy field archaeology.


Ekaterina Tsygankova

Ekaterina Tsygankova
Sales Engineer

Tel: 7 - 812-3346701
Skype: ekaterinatsygankova
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Ekaterina is responsible for sales in the following product lines:
- THz optics
(see chapters:
THz Polarizers 
- Optics for IR/FTIR spectroscopy 
- Optics for Pyrometry and Thermography 
(see chapters: 
- CO2 Laser Optics.

Ekaterina was born on 9th January, 1986 in St. Petersburg.

She graduated from St. Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics, and Optics with honours and received M.Sc. in Technique and Technology in 2009.

During education Ekaterina took part in different scientific projects (such as “Strengthening of laser crystal YLF: Nd”, “Development of polyfunctional nano-glass-ceramics”, and “Development of new glass – glass with plasmon resonance”). Scientific results were presented at conferences and published in peer-reviewed journals.

Ekaterina joined Tydex in February 2009.


Marina Kostenko
Marina Kostenko
Sales Engineer

Tel: 7 - 812-3346701
Skype: marinakostenko_t
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Marina was born in 1990 in Stavropol Krai.

She graduated from ITMO National Research University (ITMO University) and received M.Sc. in Optical Technology in 2013. During education Marina took the exams of the First Certificate in English (FCE) successfully.  She was involved in voluntary work.

Marina joined Tydex in July 2013 as a Sales Engineer Assistant. Since January 2014 she has been working as  an Engineer of off-axis parabolic mirrors sales.


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