• E<span>xperts in </span>O<span>ptics since </span>1994
    Experts in Optics since 1994

    Tydex is a private company founded by research physicists in 1994 in St. Petersburg. The company specializes in custom manufacturing of optical components and instruments for research and industry, including spectroscopy, pyrometry and thermography, THz photonics, sensors and detectors, metrology, lasers, and more.

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  • O<span>ur</span> d<span>etectors on </span>NASA m<span>ission</span>
    Our detectors on NASA mission

    Tydex  took part in the international project, organized by NASA. The main research goal was to shed light on a number of solar-flare mysteries. The research equipment consisted of solar hard X-ray and gamma-ray imaging spectropolarimeter and new measuring system with TYDEX detectors.

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  • TH<span>z</span> P<span>hotonics</span>
    THz Photonics

    We  develop and produce  Golay Detectors, THz Scanning Fabry-Perot Interferometers, THz Impulse Radiation Detectors and Electro-Optical Detectors, and a  wide range of THz optical components: filters, polarizers, attenuators, windows, mirrors and more.

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  • A<span>stro-</span>O<span>ptics</span>

    Tydex offers high-precision large optics, astro-mirrors, and systems. Our line of precision astro-mirrors and lens correctors for astronomy telescopes is composed of 400-1400 mm Cassegrian, Ritchy-Chretien, and Newtonian systems.

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  • O<span>ptics for </span>p<span>yrometry and </span>t<span>hermography</span>
    Optics for pyrometry and thermography

    Early and fast detection, day and night panoramic surveillance, security perimeters control, range and visual tracking, coastal and border passive surveillance, traffic monitoring and other detection systems will get the keen vision with our ZnSe, Ge, Si lenses and windows

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  • D<span>istributor in </span>USA
    Distributor in USA

    We are looking for a distributor in the USA.

    If you are interested in the detalis of this opportunity
    please contact Grigory Kropotov.

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Golay Detector Calibration Set
Tydex is proud to present Golay Detector Calibration Set - an instrument for calibrating and verifying Golay Detector directly before use if the most accurate absolute measurements are required!


Distributor in USA

Tydex is looking for a distibutor in the USA.

20 September 2016
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