Microwave Wire Grid Polarizers

Download Microwave Wire Grid Polarizers Datasheet (PDF, 484 KB)

For microwave range we produce wire grid polarizers intended to polarize radiation in between 2-3 GHz and 300 GHz. They are made of 20 μm thick parallel tungsten wires mounted in a holder with no substrate.

• Spectroscopy;
• Polarimetry;
• Astronomy;
• Antenna engineering.

• Can withstand high energies of incident radiation;
• Due to no substrate provide high transmissivity of desired polarization;
• Provide high degree of polarization;
• Made of tungsten wires;
• Mounted in holders (protective rings marked with wire direction).

The advantages of wire grid polarizers over polypropylene grid polarizers:
• Better transmission of desired polarization due to no substrate;
• Can withstand high-intensity radiation.


Wavelength range, μm ≥ 600
Holder diameter, mm ≤ 152
Working aperture, mm ≤ 136
Transmission of desired polarization K1, % > 95
Transmission of non-desired polarization K2, % < 0,1
Extinction coefficient Е=10*Log(K1/K2), dB > 30

Extinction coefficient

Fig. 1. Extinction coefficient, dB

Transmission of non-desired polarization

Fig. 2. Transmission of non-desired polarization, %

Transmission of desired polarization

Fig. 3. Transmission of desired polarization, %

As standart, polarizers are supplied in a round (2 - 6 inch diameter) holder. Working aperture is 36 mm for 2-inch and 136 mm for 6-inch polarizer. On customer's request polarizers can be equipped with a rotator.
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