Optomechanical Chopper OMC-1

Download Optomechanical Chopper OMC-1 Datasheet (PDF, 584 KB)

Optomechanical Chopper OMC-1

Optomechanical Chopper OMC-1 is designed to modulate a continuous or semicontinuous optical radiation by blocking the radiation beam with an opaque metal wheel that has some slots in it.

OMC-1 consists of an optomechanical unit and a control unit. For ease of assembly, they are connected by a two-socket cable. Control unit also includes power supply.

The Chopper is equipped with a display panel and synchronization signal output (TTL, 0 – 5 V).

Key Characteristics ОМС-1

Modulation Frequency

To achieve wider frequency range, the chopper is supplied with two wheels that have different number of different-shape slots. Within each of the two ranges, the modulation frequency is controlled by varying the wheel rotation speed. 

Chopper wheel Modulation frequency, Hz

Modulation frequency
stability, Hz

Modulation frequency
selected at power-on, Hz

CW2 5 - 80

±0.03 @ 5 Hz,
±0.3 @ 80 Hz

CW10 30 - 500

±0.05 @ 30 Hz,
±0.5 @ 500 Hz


Electrical Parameters

Voltage, V 100 - 240 
Frequency, Hz 60/50
Power consumption, W 18

Chopper Wheel Characteristics

Name CW2 CW10
Number of sectors 2 10
Sector angle 90° 18°

Maximum radiation beam aperture
passing through a sector, mm

50.5 19.5
Wheel diameter, mm 150
Wheel thickness, mm 0.5
Wheel Material сталь


Optomechanical unit, mm 150*172*80
Control unit, mm 144*105*55
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