Our Detectors for NASA Mission


TYDEX took part in NASA project.

Our company in collaboration with engineers and scientists from universities of USA, Brazil and Argentina took part in the international project, organized by NASA. The main research goal was to shed light on a number of solar-flare mysteries.

On January 18, 2016 NASA CSBF stratospheric balloon was launched from U.S. McMurdo base on a trans-Antarctic flight. The research equipment consisted of solar hard X-ray and gamma-ray imaging spectropolarimeter GRIPS and new measuring system SOLAR-T with Tydex detectors as its base.

The flight at a height of 40 km was accomplished with success on January 30, 2016 nearly 2100 km from McMurdo. More information about this mission you’ll find on GRIPS web site: http://grips.ssl.berkeley.edu/.

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