Ge Polarizer

Download IR Polarizers Datasheet (PDF, 552 KB)

Substrate material Ge
Spectral range, mm 8 - 14
Typical operation aperture, mm 25 x 25
Standard holder size at typical aperture, mm D42 x 8
Maximal operation aperture, mm 50 x 50/D 50
Grooves per mm 1200
Transmission efficiency K1(average), % >50 (back side AR coated)
Transmission of unwanted radiation K2, % <0.1 @ 10 mm
Degree of polarization (K1-K2)/(K1+K2), % >99 @ 10 mm
Extinction ratio E=K1/(2*K2) >250 @ 10 mm
(AR coated)


Transmission efficiency K1

Transmission of unwanted radiation K2

Degree of polarization P

Standard items can be ordered from our stock. The polarizers with non-standard sizes, shape and operational wavelength region are available on request.