Download Optics for Nd: YAG Lasers Datasheet (PDF, 172 KB)
Beamsplitters for Nd:YAG lasers

Beamsplitters are plate windows coated with a dielectric coating to separate laser light into your choice of reflection/transmission split ratio. Beamsplitters exhibit almost no absorption and are designed specifically for 45 deg. at the wavelength and polarization being used. Standard substrates have an anti-reflection coating on the second surface.


Substrate material: KU-1, K8
Surface figure @ 633nm: l/10
Surface quality, scr/dig: 20/10
Clear aperture: exceeds central 85% of dimension
Dimensional tolerance, mm: +0/–0.25
Thickness tolerance, mm: ±0.25
Wedge, arc.min <=5
Coating: dielectric; user specified
Damage threshold, J/cm2: 2-5, depending on coating spec.

Here is an example of the beamsplitter coating:

K8 dichroic beamsplitter; T>=95% @ 535nm, P-polarisation; T>=99.5% @ 1064nm, S-polarisation, AOI=O°

Fig. 1 K8 dichroic beamsplitter; T>=95% @ 532nm, P-polarisation; T>=99.5% @ 1064nm, S-polarisation, AOI=Oº.

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