Custom-Made Lenses

Download Optics for CO2-Lasers Datasheet (PDF, 198 KB)

Dual-focus lens

Dual-focus lenses (DFL) are a revolutionary new type of lens for CO2 laser cutting.

DFL are intended to be used as a direct replacement for conventional lenses in some industrial laser systems and applications. The basic principal of the lenses coming from their title lies in existence of a couple of focal points. Complex design of these lenses allows to distribute an incident laser energy and deliver its calculated fraction into a secondary (lower) focus.

 Especially designed to assist in a range of thick-section cutting jobs such lenses give the followings advantages: Dual-focus lens

  • processing of increased thicknesses at a given power
  • increased process speed
  • improved kerf quality
  • elimination of upper and lower surface dross
  • immediate cut-initiation
  • reduced assist-gas usage
  • improved process control


Tydex proposed and has been using a novel approach in fabrication of DFL, which in particular did allow us to create DFL of cylindrical shape.

A specification below presents standard product. Custom-made sizes and specifications are available as well. Non-standard lenses can be designed and proposed upon certain RFQ.


1.  Type of a part: cylindrical dual-focus lens
2.  Material: CVD-ZnSe
3.  Overall dimensions, mm: 25.4 (+0/-0.25) x 25.4 (+0/-0.25)
4.  Thickness, mm: 4.0 (+0.5/-0.0)
5.  Radii of curvature: the values depend on required combination of EFL
6.  EFL tolerance @ 10.6 µm, %: +/- 2
7.  Stripe width, mm: 4 (+0.5/-0)
8.  Surfaces quality, scr/dig: 60/40
9. Surface figure, fringe: 8
10. AR Coating reflectivity per surface
10.6 µm, %:
< 0.5
Cylindrical DFL working principle
Fig. 1 Cylindrical DFL working principle.


Tydex supplies cylindrical DFL with the following EFL combinations: 127 & 254 mm, 169 & 254 mm.

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