Silicon Mirrors

Download Optics for CO2-Lasers Datasheet (PDF, 198 KB)
Si mirror for CO2 laserSilicon is the most commonly used mirror substrate. Its advantages are low cost, good durability and thermal stability. Low value of the coefficient of linear thermal expansion and its weak increasing with the temperature make Silicon key material for low power CO2-lasers.




1. Material: monocrystalline Cz-Si
2. Shape of the working surface: plane, spherical
3. Dimensional range (diagonal of optical part), mm: to 200
4. Clear aperture: > 90% of a size
5. Diameter (width & length) tolerances, mm: +0.0 / -0.1
6. Thickness tolerance, mm: +/- 0.1
7. Parallelism (concentricity)
plano & radiused, arc. min.:
<= 5
8. Surface quality, scr/dig:  
  for parts to 3 inches: 40/20
  for larger parts: 60/40
9. Surface figure (power-irregularity)
@ 633 nm:
  plano: 1 fringe - 1/2 fringe
  radiused: varies dependent upon radius
10. Coating type & Reflectivity*
@ 10.6 mm, (AOI = 0 deg.):
  HR, protected Au, %: 99.0
  HR, enhanced Au, %: 99.2
11. Damage threshold:  
  CW mode, kW/cm2: 1
  pulse mode, J/cm2: 1

* - upon special inquiry we can provide the reflectivity for VIS wavelengths as high as 85% while saving the above values for 10.6 µm wavelength.

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