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Windows for Nd:YAG lasersWindows are used to enable optical radiation to pass from one environment to another without allowing to environments to mix. Tydex offers plano-plano windows of round, square, rectangular and elliptical (including Brewster's) shape. Wedged parts are also available.


Substrate material: KU-1, K8
Surface figure @ 633nm: l/10
Surface quality, scr/dig: 20/10
Clear aperture: exceeds central 85% of dimension
Dimensional tolerance, mm: +0/–0.25
Thickness tolerance, mm: ±0.25
Wedge: user speciefied (for axample, <=10 arc. sec., <= 5 arc. min., 30 (±5) arc.min)
Antiteflection coating: dielectric; user specified, R<=0.25% per surface (R<=0.1% is also possible on request)
Damage threshold, J/cm2: 2-5, depending on coating spec.


No. Diameter, mm Thickness, mm
1 10 3.175
2 12.7 6.35
3 12.7 9.525
4 25.4 6.35
5 25.4 9.525
6 38.1 6.35
7 50.8 9.525


Here are some examples of the window coatings:

UV Fused Silica plano window, AR/AR (R <= 0.25%) @ 266nm

Fig. 1. UV Fused Silica plano window, AR/AR (R <= 0.25%) @ 266nm.

K8 plano window, AR/AR (R <= 0.2%) @ 532nm

Fig. 2. K8 plano window, AR/AR (R <= 0.2%) @ 532nm.
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