ZnSe combined coated windows

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For different applications and in particular for dental industry we produce ZnSe combiners which allow to achieve high transmission at working ("drilling") wavelength and reflect "pilot" beam to have enough illumination of an object under prosthetics procedure.

ZnSe combined coated windows

Custom-made sizes and specification are available.


1. Material: CVD-ZnSe, grade G1
2. Clear aperture: > 90% of diameter
3. Diameter tolerances, mm: +0.0 / -0.1
4. Thickness tolerance, mm: +/- 0.1
5. Parallelism, arc. min.: <= 5
6. Surface quality, scr/dig: 40/20
7. Surface figure (power-irregularity)@ 633 nm, fringe: 1 - 1/2
8. Coating: combined, to meet the following parameters:
  transmission @ 10.6 µm,
(AOI = 45 deg.), %:

>= 95.0
  eflectance from one surface
@ 532 nm, (AOI = 45 deg.), %:

>= 80.0

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