Hot/Cold Mirrors

Download Coating Datasheet (PDF, 215 KB)

So-called "hot" mirrors will reflect infrared light while transmitting visible light. Visa versa, a "cold" mirror reflects visible light while transmitting infrared. Hot or cold mirrors are often employed in projection systems to reduce the heat of the visible beam.

Type Wavelength R/T, nm Average
refletion, %
transmission, %
AOI, deg Damage threshold,
J/cm2, 10 ns pulse
Hot 890-1090/740-820 98 90 0, 45 3
Hot 700-1050/400-630 98 85 0, 45 3
Cold 420-650/750-1130 98 85 0, 45 3

HR coating at 740-820 nm and HT coating at 900-1100 nm, 0°
Fig. 1 HT coating at 740-820 nm and HR coating at 900-1100 nm, AOI=0°.



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